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A Healthy Investment

With an early identification of lame animals, a lot of money can be saved.

Hoof leisons are a common cause of lameness and lameness is one of the main reasons for an early end.

When a cow is lame it will have a limited movement around the barn, which often leads to:

1. Reduced food intake
2. Reduced yield
3. Reduced fertility
4. Changes to its social behaviour

By just preventing half the lame cows early, then you can on a yearly basis save 120.000 DKK per 100 cows.

And it only costs around 20% of the saving to survey all the cows.

All in all it is a rational investment, while simultaneously improving the well-fare of your livestock.

Please see this more in-depth run-through of how the savings are calculated:
Click Here (Special report about savings - in danish)

How Does the Boviwalk System Work?

We set up one or more cameras in selected positions in your barn, where the lighting is good and the cows usually pass one at a time. The cameras will be connected to a computer and there will be established an internet connection to our IT-center. The computer analyses the videos around the clock and detects which cows are lame. Every cow is identified by the RFID-code on it's ear tag.

From our IT-central we will continuously update your app over the lame cows in your herd, so you will always have an overview right at your fingertips.

From our IT-central we will continously update the software in the barn to the newest version, without any interference. All this will happen automatically.

Get a Boviwalk System in Your barn

We give a fixed price for the installment of videocameras and computersystem in your barn, and you only need to provide an internet connection and power.

The installation-price depends on the local conditions. After that it will cost a fee per cow for the automatic surveyliance.

We also take care of inspections and maintenance of your system in return for either a monthly fee or a fee per visit.

Per og Sofie

Us Behind Boviwalk

Boviwalk is established by CEO Sofie Bjørn Skovsgaard, active hoof trimmer, cand. scient agrobiology and board member of the Danish Hoof Trimmer Association, and Master of Engineering and serial technology entreprenour Per Resen Steenstrup.

Please contact us if you want more information, or if you would like to be among the first farms to test the solution.

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